Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus and sheltered pearl. Urban environment, is the island's most popular holiday resorts. According to some rumors BC cities X. Century was founded by the Achaeans. The founders of the city in the country with the name of a mountain was named Kyrenia. Another rumor that BCE IX. century, who settled here is that Fenike'liler establishing trade colonies. Corineum in Roman sources as the city's name is mentioned. Same with the city's history on the island, and several times in the Byzantine period, was sacked by Arab pirates. One of the most interesting monuments of the city Kyrenia Fort. Turkish cuisine unique to our country and across the harbor to the other dishes in meals offered by restaurants, bars and cafes are open air. Among places to see in Kyrenia Kyrenia Castle, Beylerbeyi, St. Hilarion Castle, Hz. Omer Tomb, Sunken Ship Museum, Bufavento Castle, Peace and Freedom Museum, the Folk Art Museum, there are several churches and monasteries. Here are some selections from the major attractions of Kyrenia:
The mansion is known as an smugglers. It is called the pavilion because of smuggler owner of the mansion under the guise of a lawyer Paulo Paolides'in fortune by smuggling weapons and make the house. Paulo Paolides period are the biggest arms dealers. Cyprus villa is coming is one of the must-see places. For details of our site by clicking the picture of the blue pavilion pavilion can bölümününe.
Cyprus is one of the important places to visit and vow Hz. Türbesi'dir Omar. Structure, approximately 4 km east of Kyrenia coastline has Catalkoy. Hz. Omer Tomb of the Islamic jihadists in the names of the seven tombs are unknown. Omar Muawiyah's army commander and six of the tombs belonged to a friend. These martyrs are present next to the tomb (AD 647). The bodies were buried in a cave here. According to some rumors in the tomb of the seven tombs in Cyprus to reinforce Islam, "Tomb of Authority" as is done in line. According to some rumors on the Ottoman conquest of Cyprus, the bodies in the cave where the remains were removed to the present have been buried. Later, the mosque has been here with this shrine. Hz, therefore the tomb. Omar was named. Hz. Omer Tomb, 1963 are occupied by Greeks after the attacks had been plundered. Declared a military zone, then the Turks were forbidden shrine visits. Was destroyed several times by the Greeks in 1974 and damaged by lightning hitting the building, repair of the unconscious in 1978, partly as a result has lost property.
Located 4-5 km east of Kyrenia is a modest village. The population of the village is around 500. The landscape is very beautiful and tranquil place that is also true for the Latin name, "peaceful place" is called. Once the governor-also comes to mind immediately south of the monastery. The monastery was built on a reef in the current name in French "de la Paix Abbaue" den (Peace Monastery) is derived. The monastery is a masterpiece of Gothic art, as in the Near East is the best known examples. Structure known as the White Monastery, where the wearing of white clothes because they are named like that. In 1187 the first residents of Bellapais with Saladin conquered Jerusalem, many immigrants to Cyprus and the Augustinian order of priests known. The monastery was first built between the years 1198 to 1205. Today, a large portion of the surviving structures of the French King III. Hugh (1267-1284) has been constructed. After receipt of the island to the Ottomans put an end to acts of monasteries and churches are Orthodox Greeks have been transferred to. Today, the ruins of the monastery has become a multi-part. To the monastery, the tower looks as crenellated castle gate is entered through a gateway. After the front entrance to the garden is there. After that, the church of the monastery, although the oldest part of the original shape is well preserved condition.
Takes its name from the fortress of Jerusalem, conquered by the Arabs who emigrated from Cyprus and then in the last years of life spent in worship here was of a saint. Later, 10 century church and monastery was built here observed. At an altitude of 700 meters above sea level, St.. Hilarion Castle, was built on a twin nose. The exact date of construction is unknown castle MS 10. century against the Arab invasion from the north island and control of the defense is supposed to be used for construction. However, with the same purpose-built Bufavento, Kyrenia and Kantara castles and modern (at the same time) is estimated. The Byzantine structure of the castle and the English King Richard's brave, Arslan invaded the island in 1191 have until today has all the information is. Historical sources, although the castle in 1128 as the first Emperor Joseph II. Frederick wants to rule over Cyprus bahsetmektedir.Kalenin surround the circular wall 500 meters long and nine towers were built. Fortresses, each with its own cisterns (water tanks), and food stores are the three main parts. The first was established in the low-down castle, the horses were made for soldiers. The main entrance is surrounded by a defensive wall to protect the site had been started with. Castle in the middle area and the saint's monastery is located in. Up the palace in the castle rooms, and kitchens are the king's palace. 1489'da the Venetians conquered the island, has no power to defend the castle from the castle to avoid falling into the hands of the Osmanlı'ların castle were destroyed. After the event until 1964 the castle was not used for military purposes. 1964 attacks on the Greeks, to evaluate the strategic position of the castle to the castle, settled in the Turkish Mujahideen went back to defense. In April 1964, the Greeks attacked the castle by a handful of Mujahideen were repulsed.
Kyrenia Castle, on the shores of the Mediterranean since the Middle Ages is one of the fascinating items. Located in the north east of Kyrenia castle, overlooking the harbor was built in the case and a rectangular plan. Ancient sources from the castle for the first time England's King Richard brave Arslan AD Participate in the Third Crusade in 1191, while the King of Cyprus, Cyprus, seized upon by beating Isak Komnen'i mentions. Exact date of construction of the castle or fortress with the inside two rounds so far investigations around the castle to us BC III. and II. göstermektedir.Ülkemizde be done in the centuries of the few remnants of the fortress of Kyrenia Cyprus Kyrenia the continuous Arab raids against the Byzantines built to assume the defense. Kyrenia castle has undergone several changes in the Lusignan period. Vedenikliler time last took the form and to present it as it gelmiştir.1570 in by the Ottomans besieged the castles of the inhabitants of the castle's power from the experiment surrendered this way, the castle today as solid as a stay in not knowing important role played. During the Ottoman era bridge is torn down instead of the castle that day a new bridge between yapılmıştır.1946 years after the castle was used to as police college. Then by the British to imprison rebellious Greeks used the castle as a prison in Turks have passed the 1974 Cyprus Peace Operation.
Bufavento Castle, St. With Hilarion and Kantara castles to defend the island against the Arab raiders formed part of the chain of warnings. For a very windy hill fort was founded "fear of the wind", meaning "Bufavento" was named. Exact date of construction of the castle is unknown, Lion never be mentioned when Richard is captured Cyprus. According to some rumors, which declared himself King of Cyprus, daughter of Isak Komnenus'un to remove this from the castle was surrendered to Richard. Like the rest of the island fortress Bufavento'nun once reigned in Cyprus, there is a story about a queen. Knights Templar and the time for the sovereignty of Cyprus to the leper, a Byzantine princess and the dog had caught the same disease. Are cars with the dog was close to Bufavento princess castle. Princess dog's skin for a while have noticed the gradual improvements. Thereupon the princess, her dog every morning, a source at the bottom of the castle is seen washing. So every morning the princess went to the source, and is washable. Completely healed at the location of the source is now known as the temple of the monastery of Ayios Chrysostomos Ionnis yaptırmıştır.Kale first year between 1382-1398 was used as a prison. During this period the castle was the name of the Lion Castle. The island in 1489 when the castle passed into the hands of the Venetians had lost its former importance. For Venetians, the island's defense had given more attention to the seaside castle.